Have you read the expression obtaining “overwhelmed like a redheaded stepchild?” There ought to be no question this expression has a distinct and potent derogatory which means. The destructive stepchild reference is based on the notion the stepchild tends to be addressed inadequately when in comparison to organic youngsters. You would punish a stepchild a lot more seriously than your other youngsters simply because you treatment far more for your very own boy or girl. Recall the tale of Cinderella? But why red heads? Why not blondes, brunettes or thinking about present day hairstyles pink or purple?

Origin Theories of the Redheaded Stepchild


Redheaded youngsters have been the consequence of the 11th century Viking invasions of Britain and Eire. In the training course of raping and pillaging, the Vikings still left guiding a handful of crimson-headed small children. The children’s crimson hair manufactured them standout from the greater part. Mainly because of their Viking heritage, the redheaded small children have been topic to harsh treatment by moms and dads and discrimination by the rest of the populace.


The phrase “redheaded stepchild” really commenced as “redheaded nigger.” It referred to the regularly redheaded mulatto (mixed race) slave young children on plantations as a end result of the slave entrepreneurs obtaining sex with the slaves.

Minimal Orphan Annie – A Redheaded Stepchild

The phrase originated with the musical Annie. The pink-headed Annie would be crushed by her stepmother with a hairbrush.


The phrase “crimson-haired stepchild” originated in the early 1800’s when Irish emigrants began arriving in America. The newly arrived Irish ranked someplace below absolutely free blacks on the social strata and lived in segregated communities. The prejudice in opposition to the Irish was so serious signs in entrance of eating places, bars or motels utilized to say, “No puppies or Irish”. As youthful guys are in some cases prone to do, younger Irish adult males were being having premarital sex. This resulted in out-of-wedlock kids with red Irish hair. When these younger women of all ages did finally marry, generally to a youthful person not of Irish descent, the new partner was not specially affected person or sympathetic to the redheaded stepchild and handled them harshly.

Some Information about Redheads

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To begin with, I was heading to reveal the accurate idea powering origination of the expression, but what distinction would it make? Would it make using the expression significantly less offensive and insulting? Expressions like these are primarily based on fake generalizations which are rooted in panic. They should have no place in our language. Having pink hair is the consequence of genetics – no a lot more, no considerably less. To treat a child harshly simply because they usually are not biologically yours or they have purple hair is also improper. To carry on to use the expression in any context perpetuates the lie.

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