Compact Enterprises Urged To Brush Up On Employment Law

Homeowners and supervisors of tiny enterprises in the British isles are being urged to make certain they realize what they could and may well not legally request a candidate for the duration of the recruitment procedure and how to continue to be on the ideal facet of work regulation. Client group ‘Which?’ has revealed a […]

Complying With California’s AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Law

California employers need to comply with AB 1825, a state legislation mandating sexual harassment prevention education for supervisors and managers. Via concerns and solutions, this article highlights this 2006 legislation demands and supplies steering on conference them. Inquiries and Solutions About this Legislation Is my business lined by the legislation? It is, if you have […]

Labor and Employment Law: What to Expect in 2012

1. Limitations on Employee Credit Checks. California employers have long enjoyed the right to conduct background checks that involved reviewing applicant credit reports prior to extending employment offers. This practice, as of January 1, 2012, will no longer be the case — without very specific conditions. This is because new law has been enacted to […]